Welcome to the world of Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales, and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Maria  and I am the publisher of the Tojo and Nelly book series. Tojo and Nelly are my own real-life cats, and the inspiration behind all of the stories. Having raised two children of my own and now having grandchildren as well, I am no stranger to children’s tales, and creating enthralling stories to captivate young imaginations! All of the characters in the series are based upon my own cats and my family’s and friends’ pets, and it is certainly fair to say that animals provide a never-ending source of entertainment and inspiration!

My project partners in bringing Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales to life are Tamara Forge, the writer of the series, and Nana Burduli, a renowned artist and illustrator whose beautifully detailed pictures accompany the stories to really bring the tales to life. Recently our Armenian artist friend Sargis Xotikyan created the animation for the Tojo and Nelly Song. We have all very much enjoyed creating the series, and we hope that you and your children will gain just as much enjoyment from reading it! Tojo and Nelly’s stories are tailored towards children, but cat lovers of all ages will enjoy following the adventures of our two feline muses and their Friends

The first series of seven books is already available and we are already at the planning stage for a second series. To find out about our upcoming plans and new releases, and keep up to date on Tojo and Nelly’s adventures you may follow us on Twitter, Youtube or Facebook or just return to our site,  where you also find free colouring pages for your kids, rhymes, videos and updates. There is also a Tojo and Nelly memory game which you can download for free Here. Please take a while to look around the rest of the website, and enjoy your visit!